The 30 Pound “No Shave” Challenge!

Here are DjCo1 (Left) and John Moug (Right). They’ve shaved their faces for the last time until they lose 30 pounds each! Screw a new year’s resolution, they want REAL motivation, and here it is.

Want to join us? Ladies, maybe you skip shaving your legs until you reach your goal weight. Guys, you can do the face thing with us! Email your “BEFORE” pictures and a brief message about yourself to!

We’re staying away from the word DIET.

We’ll have our motivational videos up soon, so keep checking back, ESPECIALLY if you want to get involved.

**I purposely put that EXTREMELY tight shirt on to show my, um… physique? My goal is to fit nicely into that shirt after I lose the 30 pounds! -John Moug**

Check out our “Before” gallery below and feel free to email your “BEFORE” pictures to

John Moug: BEFORE (1/7/2011) at 216 pounds. Goal: 186

Dj Co1: BEFORE (1/7/2011) at 226 pounds. Goal: 196

Sonya joined! BEFORE (1/8/2011) at 145 pounds. Goal: 125


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